How to start my recovery

The best way to start is by talking to us.

We will listen to your needs and then help you plan your recovery pathway. This will be designed to suit your mental and physical health needs as well as your financial situation.

Call us now on 020 3416 3643

Recovery takes many forms and differs from one person to the next. At Kennedy Street, we come from a place of lived experience ourselves. This experience gives us a deep empathic understanding of the needs of people wanting to recover and invaluable knowledge about possible ways to start and maintain your recovery journey.

We offer these services:

Peer-led recovery

Telephone and online support 7 days a week

Learning & coaching

Workshop-based learning for personal development & workplace training

Building a community

Linking people to peer support in their community

Advice & information

Recovery talks, stories & useful resources

Our training workshops help build people’s self-esteem, confidence and resilience. The workshops encourage and support social innovation and opportunities for self-employment. They also help develop leadership skills and a presence within communities, through volunteering and work experience opportunities.

We also work with businesses to connect professionals with people in the wider community. This helps break down the stigma and isolation that people with addiction issues feel. We continue to build a network of services with local and national partners to help more people embark on and sustain their recovery.

“It is with a big, sober, clean heart that I’m eternally grateful to Kennedy Street for their love, help and support. Trust me, these people save lives.”

Rose, 56.

Employed, cocaine and alcohol addiction.

Start your recovery with one easy step.

You can call us 9am – 9pm 7 days a week

020 3416 3643

or email us if you’d prefer.

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Recovery Connects Programme

These interactive, workshop (currently on Zoom) sessions provide various paths to recovery from all types of addiction, improve mental well-being and build resilience.

    Workplace Training Programme

    Kennedy Street Workplace Training offers an opportunity to embed a recovery model of care into the workplace culture. The training equips staff and managers with knowledge, peer support skills and an understanding of recovery resources that will enable them to signpost and support any of their co-workers, friends and families into recovery. These positive changes help establish better internal organisational cultures which, in turn, create enabling, resilient workplaces.

    Talks, Stories, Resources

    Watch or listen to our RecoveryTalks season 1, all streamed to our Facebook and Youtube during lockdown 1.

    We also have an inspirational collection of Recovery Stories where you can read all sorts of accounts of how people have dealt with their own recovery.

    There is also a really useful series of resources on this site, from what to ask your GP, the different recovery organisations out there and many more.