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We welcome involvement from many places. From donating and fundraising to volunteering and professional partnerships.

When it comes to fundraising there are no limits, so if you are an individual, a team of friends or work colleagues, or a corporation, and you have a fundraising idea – let’s talk and have some fun along the way! 

You can also select us as your chosen charity via JustGiving.


Volunteering for Kennedy Street Recovery

Recovery support

Our recovery volunteers are people with lived experience of recovery from addiction who are ready and willing to give something back to their community whilst also developing their gifts, talents & employability skills. 

Recovery volunteers get involved in everything from training, project delivery, fundraising and supporting people who use our services.

Business expertise

Our business volunteers don’t necessarily have direct experience of addiction. They are compassionate people who share our values and are happy to donate their time and professional expertise to our cause.

They come from corporate backgrounds, the public sector or being self-employed. We especially welcome flexible people with a broad range of business skills and experience. We also offer all our volunteers learning opportunities to encourage mental resilience, personal growth and business skills development. 

“Volunteering for Kennedy Street has given structure to my week, a greater sense of purpose and above all a fantastic feeling of connection with a vibrant community of committed and supportive volunteers. Already it’s helped me on my own personal journey of recovery from mental health breakdown and given me hope for the future.


Kennedy Street volunteer.

Partnerships and Sponsorship

Working alongside organisations and businesses is a vital part of our strategy to help people into recovery and break down the stigma around addiction.

By becoming a partner or sponsor of Kennedy Street Foundation your organisation not only aligns itself with our life-changing cause but also gives you opportunities to be seen as a headline supporter of our services.

    For more information about becoming one of our longer-term supporters, please get in touch.

    Public fundraising

    We hugely appreciate the efforts some of our volunteers go to to fundraise for us. From running marathons, group 5Ks, competitions, seasonal campaigns and many other efforts.

    You can donate on completion for one-off challenges, virtual Zoom quizzes, etc, or organise a larger fundraising event where you can fundraise on our behalf. In either case, you can join us on this journey via JustGiving.

    Corporate fundraising

    We always welcome local businesses who want to partner with us or be their chosen charity for fundraising purposes. If your company would like to support the work we do through any of the following:

    • make a donation
    • sign us up as your chosen payroll giving charity
    • hold a fundraising event on our behalf

    then please get in touch.

    Payroll Giving

    Payroll Giving (also known as Give as You Earn) is an easy and tax-efficient way of making regular donations to Kennedy Street straight from your pay each time you get paid by your employer.

    It means we get more money from anything you give, gives us longer-term stability and you only have to set it up through your employer once. Your employer gets a tax benefit too.

    Our funders

    With the support of our funders, we are able to continue to deliver our services. We are extremely grateful to the range of local and national trusts and foundations who help us to achieve our vision.

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    Recovery Stories

    The quickest way to break the stigma of addiction is for us to talk about our experiences of how we found our path to recovery. These very honest and open recovery stories are from people who have come into contact with Kennedy Street, we hope you find what they say helpful.

    Celebrating Women In Recovery – IWD 2022

    Celebrating Women In Recovery – IWD 2022

    March is Women’s History Month, and we have celebrated International Women’s Day once again!

    This is a celebration to highlight the incredible work of women throughout history who fought for equality and an opportunity to continue this fight to #BreakTheBias that we still see in our society today.

    At Kennedy Street, we want to do the same for women in recovery.

    My name is Kenny and I am an addict in recovery

    My name is Kenny and I am an addict in recovery

    My childhood was an unstable mix of living with family and in foster care. I started to experience homelessness and social exclusion from my teen years and first went in to rehab in my mid-20s.

    I have experienced long periods of sobriety, during which I would manage to build my life up. I got married and had kids, found full time employment and new career paths, and even bought a house. However, none of these things stopped me from starting to drink and use drugs again, and my life would come crashing down around me (again).