Help and Advice

We offer support and signposting to people who want to recover from addiction.

Recovery takes many forms and differs from one person to the next. At Kennedy Street, we come from a place of lived recovery ourselves. This experience gives us a deep and sympathetic understanding of the needs of people wanting to recover and invaluable knowledge about the best ways to start and maintain that journey.

Practical Recovery Resources

Visiting your Doctor

If you think you might have a problem with alcohol dependence, here is some useful advice to help you and your GP discuss treatment.

Read about Visiting your Doctor

Recovery resources

We have compiled this downloadable list of support groups, fellowships and digital apps to help get you started.

View & download the list

Facts & figures

By knowing the impact of addiction we can better understand how to tackle it. The data sources are listed for further investigation.

Costs of addiction

Myth v Reality

There is plenty of misinformation too easily available about addiction and its treatment. Here we try to explode a few myths.

Myths V Reality

Padlet on drug & alcohol addiction

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The Kennedy Street Recovery podcast

Conversations about recovery from addiction, its many forms and where to start on that path to recovery. Hosts Clare, Deli and Emma all bring a lot of insight and humour through their own lived experience and work to support those wanting to start their recovery journey.

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"The level of understanding and compassion shown by all ... from the initial helpline call to the partnership I established with my recovery coach, has made my recovery journey life-changing."


Don, 34. Employed. Gambling & alcohol addiction.

Recovery Stories

The quickest way to break the stigma of addiction is for us to talk about our experiences of how we found our path to recovery. These very honest and open recovery stories are from people who have come into contact with Kennedy Street, we hope you find what they say helpful.

Celebrating Women In Recovery – IWD 2022

Celebrating Women In Recovery – IWD 2022

March is Women’s History Month, and we have celebrated International Women’s Day once again!

This is a celebration to highlight the incredible work of women throughout history who fought for equality and an opportunity to continue this fight to #BreakTheBias that we still see in our society today.

At Kennedy Street, we want to do the same for women in recovery.

My name is Kenny and I am an addict in recovery

My name is Kenny and I am an addict in recovery

My childhood was an unstable mix of living with family and in foster care. I started to experience homelessness and social exclusion from my teen years and first went in to rehab in my mid-20s.

I have experienced long periods of sobriety, during which I would manage to build my life up. I got married and had kids, found full time employment and new career paths, and even bought a house. However, none of these things stopped me from starting to drink and use drugs again, and my life would come crashing down around me (again).

Recovery Talks

During the first lockdown in 2020, we started a series of live Recovery Talks, streamed live to our Facebook and Youtube channels. These sessions highlight real stories of hope and recovery from projects founded out of lived experience of addiction. 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to view all of these talks. You can also listen to the podcast versions on various platforms including Apple Podcasts and Pod.casts.

Join the conversation! If you would like to feature on a future show please let us know.

Kennedy Street meets Win Parry

Kennedy Street meets Win Parry

In early 2021 we had the great privilege to host the legendary addiction psychotherapist Win Parry on one of our Recovery Talks.

We enjoyed having her so much we thought we’d quiz her some more on her illustrious 40-year career.

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Recovery Connects Programme

These interactive, workshop (currently on Zoom) sessions provide various paths to recovery from all types of addiction, improve mental well-being and build resilience.

    Workplace Training Programme

    Kennedy Street Workplace Training offers an opportunity to embed a recovery model of care into the workplace culture. The training equips staff and managers with knowledge, peer support skills and an understanding of recovery resources that will enable them to signpost and support any of their co-workers, friends and families into recovery. These positive changes help establish better internal organisational cultures which, in turn, create enabling, resilient workplaces.

    The Kennedys

    Find out about our founders, Clare and Kevin Kennedy. What their own lived experiences of addiction are and how they now bring this huge experience to helping others get the right kind of recovery for their needs.