I was present as my true authentic self because I did not feel any judgements, I mirrored what I was shown in the group. I was listened to and looked out for and spoken to like a human being and not with the shame and guilt that was spinning around in my mind. I was given space to be heard and provided with a super healthy lunch which we all shared together, I felt it created a unity between us. 

I was given information to read regarding the 12-step program, we have been reading through Back to Basics to get some knowledge of the program. The group study helped me free myself from my obsessive thoughts of wanting to escape my reality through alcohol, drug, people and food misuse. Going to the hub and later seeing Kennedy Street Recovery volunteers at probation made me feel safe thanks to them being relaxed, judgement-free, and sensitive, which is important because I also bring my baby who is just in his first months of infancy.

Attending sessions at Kennedy Street Recovery Hub, I have felt listened to and I have felt cared about. The recovery hub is on Saturdays, which is a great time because the weekend is one of the more difficult times to stay sober. So having the recovery hub to connect with others achieving their sobriety for long periods of time really inspires me to continue on my journey. When I was in need I was offered information on rehabilitation centres for family members who needed help with their life away from substance misuse. 

Volunteering for Kennedy Street charity has saved my life in ways that I haven’t even experienced yet. I am new to recovery after 20 years of alcohol and drug misuse, these wonderful people have inspired me after allowing me to be held in their company. When at times I have felt no use to anyone, they saw the best in me and I want so much to give back my spare time to help spread the word of life after alcohol and drug misuse. That there is one! They helped me to meet an incredible sponsor who really takes her time to work the program together at a pace I am able to and feel comfortable with so I can also manage my motherhood and yoga teacher training.

This recovery is ultimately a process and a lifelong journey for me, one day at a time. Their support has been one I will treasure for as long as I engage and am willing to stay sober and true to myself for my health and the health of my family. I have done this myself by keeping on turning up, listening and being present, and accepting help, (not easy actions for me by any means). Like Kennedy Street Recovery, my goal is sobriety.