Kennedy Street Foundation becomes a charity

Kennedy Street Foundation becomes a charity

The transformation

Since Kennedy Street launched in 2013 as a CIC (a community interest company, limited by guarantee), we’ve been piloting ideas and projects to understand what is most needed to support the addiction recovery community. As a CIC – a business for good – the profits generated through Clare’s work with private organisations and business professionals, combined with funds from various fund sources (National Lottery, Safer Communities Fund, Sussex Community Foundation), were used to fund a variety of much needed community projects.

After careful monitoring and evaluation of our projects over the years, including the work we’ve done with the corporate sector, we are now more informed and aware of where we can best assist within the community. So, we’re transitioning into a fully-fledged charity, with a charitable purpose. Kennedy Street Foundation CiO (known as Kennedy Street Recovery) is for individuals, families and businesses with substance misuse and addiction issues, and those suffering from poor mental health, who are interested in recovery.

Our vision

Our beliefs and vision haven’t changed. We believe everyone has a right to realise their full potential and to have the opportunity to live free of social exclusion because of addiction or poor mental health. We are working to create a sustainable, visible recovery community that promotes inclusiveness and combats stigma through community integration.

How will we achieve our vision?

We believe that through coaching, training and education, delivered at a local level to meet the diverse needs of the community, we can create a sustainable, visible recovery community in which families and individuals have the opportunity to thrive.

We will provide access to one-to-one coaching and guidance to a support network of peers and professional services. We will host inspirational talks and events delivered by people who have suffered from mental health issues and recovered from addiction. We will provide group workshops and support to enable people in recovery to move into volunteering, self-employment or to start social enterprises.

How will the charity be funded?

As a charity, Kennedy Street Recovery will be dependent on grants, donations and fundraising. And – more exciting news – to kick start our fundraising we’ve been awarded £10,000 National Lottery funding to ensure our programme of support is available to all who need it, particularly during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s exciting times for us, there’s still much work to be done and we would greatly appreciate your support. In the meantime find out how to fundraise for us or you can donate here.

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