There’s a great sense of community – chatting, enjoying a delicious lunch together and talking about recovery and how we each experience it.

Healthy eating is a popular topic – we have the talented Emma who whisks up lovely lunches for us and often has great suggestions for the free food donated by Tescos.


My personal favourites so far were the little bubble and squeak cakes I made using spring greens and potatoes.

And the roast pepper, onion and beetroot which became a delicious soup.

Regular activities include gentle yoga – led by Teresina.  All welcome – dogs included!

We read from a variety of material – usually a daily reader as well as working through the fabulous Wally P’s Back to Basics 12 Step Course.  

We’re setting up a little recovery library and it’s off to a good start with AA Big Books and some Al-Anon literature.  If anyone finds they’ve got a spare recovery book – 12 step, Smart Recovery, any kind, do please consider donating it to our cause – we will take good care of it and you may be helping someone who can’t afford to buy a book at present.